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Be a smart property buyer!

Inspect and identify defects for rectifications at:

  • Vacant Possession  (Workmanship Quality Check)
  • Before Defects Liability Period ends (To identify arising latent defects if any)
  • Especially for properties that are over 20 years old  (Know the risks and budget for renovations)

Property is a big investment - have it checked for defects to SAVE you from spending more money on unbudgeted maintenance and unexpected repairs later including a major headache!
Arrange for an appointment together with our Architect to inspect the property today!

Looking to purchase a property?

Let us help you....

Engage a professional Architect to help you conduct a pre-purchase inspection and get  a condition appraisal of the property that you are investing in.

We will help you inspect for big ticket items that you want to avoid buying into- saving you hefty costs and major headaches in future. The critical areas that you should inspect are:
1. Structural deficiencies
2. Defective roofing / ceiling
3. Defective plumbing, dampness, leakages & electrical safety
4. Slopes stability, retaining walls and drainage
5. Safety, Security, Regulatory checks i.e. unsafe & illegal renovation

Your architect can give you on the spot independent advice on future renovations and improvements including building and planning regulations.


Renovating your home with peace of mind..

Experiencing bad workmanship problems? Or a payment dispute with your building contractor?

Is there any formal contract to begin with….or just verbal agreements and rough sketches?
Many unsuspecting home owners trustingly engage spurious contractors to carry out renovations and extensions to their homes. However, when things start to go wrong such as  inadequate construction works, defective workmanship, escalating additional variation order (claims), unfulfilled promises…what can you do?

What are your rights within your contractual agreement?

Before starting out your renovations, you need to ensure that a building contract is drawn up to document the agreed scope of work and the agreed cost and formally agreed upon between you and your contractor. Define the scope of works with detail drawings and plans.

Is there an approved building permit for renovations involving structural alterations? Are the plans prepared and endorsed by an architect or an engineer?

Get  professional help to properly document your requirements and to verify the building contractor’s capability before payment, to inspect and report on the progress of works to mitigate unfinished and defective works, to recommend remedial steps cost effectively and to prevent prolonged ugly disputes.


What Joint Management Body (JMB) / Management Corporation need to do?

With the enactment Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) 2007 (Act 663), the JMB is responsible to manage the common property until the issuance of strata titles. JMBs are now answerable to the property owners and residents on the property condition apart from the building accounts.

Most JMBs do not know where to start, what to do and what are the critical items to resolve – especially unresolved defects at the common property areas. 

We help JMB establish the building condition status and prioritise quickly what needs to be done cost-effectively for on-going maintenance, repairs and replacements.

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Enhance the value of your property
Protect your property asset

Ensure your peace of mind


 "Your report was very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your photos labelled accordingly. I passed a copy to the developer last week highlighting defects. Great job! Thanks!" Mrs. N, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur



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