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Architect Centre Sdn Bhd is the architectural service centre of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) set up in joint venture with an Australian service provider Archicentre Ltd. The center provides property inspection and building advisory services to the Malaysian public.

The Centre’s operations and service delivery are tailored after Archicentre Ltd’s success model in providing professional asset management services since 1981. Archicentre Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Royal Australia Institute of Architects, is a prestigious household name in the Australian building industry with 27 years experience performing a wide range of building inspection services and providing consultation.

   Why Architect Centre?

Architect Centre’s accredited architects are specially trained to carry out systematic visual inspection on site and recommend solutions.

Our services are packaged into a streamlined set fee, set-service   formats so that people who might not otherwise have considered using an architect can have access to a range of professional architectural services at affordable rates.

Architect Centre aims to promote a mindset change in quality assurance standards in terms of accountability in workmanship and to meet consumers’ expectation of greater quality standards for the property that they are investing in.

Architect Centre takes an independent role in closing the work-quality gaps among architects, contractors, and builders leading to a higher standard of professionalism while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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